International Journals

K. Mikami, K. Tachiki, M. Kaneko, and T. Kimoto,
“Insight into mobility improvement by the oxidation-minimizing process in SiC MOSFETs,”
IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, 71, 931 (2024).

Review Article

M. Hara, T. Kitawaki, H. Tanaka, M. Kaneko, and T. Kimoto,
“Tunneling current through non-alloyed metal/heavily-doped SiC interfaces,”
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 171, 108023 (2024).

H. Tanaka, T. Kimoto, and N. Mori,
“Theoretical study on high-field carrier transport and impact ionization
coefficients in 4H-SiC,”
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 173, 108126 (2024).

International Presentations